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Commercial interior design Scotland


With commercial interiors the interior design needs to be both functional and easthetic, but above all needs to contribute to the bottomline of a company or organisation. This applies for both private and public spaces and it is recommended to hire professional interior designers to get the job done.


Commercial interior design Scotland


The commercial interiors business Amos Beech based in Falkirk central Scotland, is specialised in commercial office interiors, design and build as well as a supplier of office furniture. The interior design team is consulted by businesses in the financial sector, services industry, public sector, computer science industry as well as the manufacturing industry in the petro chemical industry and typical scottish industries like Whisky distilleries, Salmon companies and other sectors.



Commercial interior design only starts after site surveys, thorough consultation and analysis of workflow, internal communication channels, occupancy levels and tasks. this will lead to an inspiring and challenging interior where productivity will increase and absenteeism wil go down.




Office interiors Scotland


As the fast majority of commercial interiors outside the retail and hospitality industry consists of office space in Scotland it is no surprise that Amos Beech has specialised itself into office interiors in the Scottish central belt, but also further north and south as in Newcastle in the north of England. The company can build on a long history in the office furniture industry and is now seen as one of Scotland’s most innovative and leading office interiors company.


Some examples of completed interiors can be seen here:



Office furniture


An integral part of office interiors is obviously furniture. Amos Beech has an in depth understanding of furniture systems and technology and is capable of tayloring a furniture solution for your specific need. As Amos Beech is now also a desking manufacturer the company can design and build bespoke furniture unique for you.