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This artist makes custom paintings in an abstract style

The beauty of art is always in the eye of the beholder. What you love to see, others may not. This is even more the case for abstract art. One person does not like it and the other thinks it is the most beautiful work ever. If you are looking for a painting to complete your home interior, we recommend that you choose a painting that you like yourself. If you are a fan of abstract art, then we have a painter in mind who can undoubtedly help you with custom paintings in the style you like. Keep reading and find out who we are talking about.

Buy a customised painting

If you are going to buy custom paintings, it is possible to do so completely tailored to your interior. The artist we recommend for this is Ellen de Vylder, especially if you are specifically looking for an abstract work of art. Ellen works with great care and takes the time to get to know her customers well. The inspiration for her colourful work comes mainly from dreams and the free association that is attached to them. By constantly looking for new connections between different colours, she always finds new possibilities.

Benefit from close cooperation

In order for the close cooperation to run as smoothly as possible, it is important that you clearly indicate which colours are to be used in the work. Once the work has started, it can only be slightly adjusted. In any case you will have that opportunity before Ellen de Vylder starts her work. She usually works on a painting for four to six weeks. Please let her know within which time frame you would like to have the work. If you do not want custom paintings, but just want to buy one of her works, that is also possible of course. You can easily keep up to date with new works on Instagram and Pinterest.