Using the double A battery to get through the day

The double A Battery is actually being used in every company around the world. Whether you are working in your own business or have a job at a large multinational – batteries are our go-to energy source. The double A battery is also known as the Mignon, LR6 and E90 battery. But we may commonly refer to it as the AA battery. From your computer mouse and your external keyboard at the office to the handheld receiver that you use on a construction site – all of them are powered with a double A battery. This pocket-sized energy storage is therefore rather important to companies around the world.

Where can you get high-quality batteries in bulk?

100% PeakPower offers high-quality batteries against affordable prices. In addition, it is possible to order batteries in bulk. When buying batteries in bulk, the price per battery drops. This can make a huge difference when you order large quantities at once. The pack prices of the double A battery at 100% PeakPower are:

  • Pack size 4 (£2.50): £0.62 per battery
  • Pack size 20 (£5.99): £0.30 per battery
  • Pack size 40 (£8.99): £0.22 per battery
  • Pack size 100 (£14.99): £0.15 per battery

As you can see, prices per battery drop when you buy larger packages. This can be extremely convenient for companies who need large quantities. In addition, the double A battery from 100% PeakPower can store its energy up to 5 years – the batteries thus never go to waste!

Order your packages now

Are you a private customer and would you like to benefit from these bulk prices as well? Not a problem! 100% PeakPower also delivers batteries to private customers so they can power children’s toys, alarm clocks and much more. Order your (volume) packs now and get free delivery with every order above £15.00. Are you in dire need of batteries? Make sure to place your order before 3PM, then they will be delivered the next day!