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Install safety hooks and create a cable safe work environment

Safety hooks are one of the best solutions for cleaning up cables. Thanks to their unique S-shape, they can, for example, be attached to gates. The safety hooks have space for cables. This way, you can hang them safely on a gate, for example, and no one will have to walk on them. This allows you to save a lot of costs. In the first place, you avoid accidents. This means that you protect the health of your employees, but also your company. An accident with cables can also damage machinery. These are often expensive and you do not want to replace them. So act in time and provide cable-safe solutions for your workplace.

Cable guards can be useful too

In addition to creating safe working environments and cable safe zones, the company offers other safety solutions. For example, it offers solutions for holes in a railing. You may also realise how important safety gates can be. They are self-closing and prevent people from accidentally passing through guardrail openings.Furthermore, they also offer cable guards. These systems are similar to safety hooks in that they keep cables away from the ground. It can be placed on different types of surfaces, which makes it a very versatile product.

Rely on your specialist’s expertise

If you would like to create a cable safe workplace and find out more about the product, we recommend you go to a specialist such as ISP. They are ready to provide you with customised advice and can fall back on years of experience. They will be able to explain to you even better why you should choose a cable guard or safety hooks. In many cases, a combination is even better. Do not hesitate to address your questions to ISP. Do not hesitate to address your questions to ISP. After all, it is their job to clarify the possibilities for you.