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Interior Photographer Netherlands


The Dutch Photographers Association or DuPho is the new organisation of Dutch professional photographers. It is the result of a long running merger process between approximately 8 different professional photography clubs. De new association has now over 2500 members divided in 5 different categories: journalism (press) , social (wedding, portrait), medical, art and commercial. Within the commercial section there are about 40 photographers listed in the lifestyle and interiors section. 

(interior photography of a school in the region of Zwolle)

Interior photography Netherlands

A niche within the niche of architectural photography, interior photography is a specialisation that comprises skills from both product photography, architectue and advertising and lifestyle photography. Only 3% of the Dutch fulltime photographers have this as one of their key specialities. One of the photographers of STUDIOVHF photographs interiors all over the country of The Netherlands for architects and designers, design and build companies as well as property developers, investors ans housing associations. Also some suppliers to the building trade like ceiling manufacturers and partitioning companies are among its customers.

Interior photography is a relatively difficult niche to photograph at a good professional level due to both creative and technical challanges. A 3 dimensional space needs to be translated in a flat image that needs to be appealing to the eye and show the key features of a space and interior elements at the same time. In addition to that the photographer is faced with high contrasts, different colour of light sources and vertical and horizontal lines that needs to be organised in an orderly manner.

With architecture and interior photography the challenge is always to draw a fine line between photographing an interior or a building as experienced by the user’s perspective of a space and the designer’s or architect’s perspective. Add to that the photographer’s need to compose a graphically interesting and appealing 2 dimensional image and it becomes clear that interior and architectural photography is a very specialised niche, but certainly one that we enjoy!

Architectural photography is the task is to capture the intention behind someone else’s design — to distill the philosophy of a building into a single, digestible image that transcends explanation. It’s not easy, but when it’s done well it looks effortless. So much so that you’re left admiring the building alone, and likely never think twice about the person who helped you see it


Interior photographer

Interior photographer and DuPho member Vincent Hartman of STUDIOVHF near Zwolle, has extensive experience in photographing interiors in retail, public space, education and offices. In the years he wasn’t an active photographer he was working in the office interiors industry in The Netherlands and other European countries. He set up the market for one of the countries leading task seating manufacturers in The United Kingdom and he lived and worked there for many years. When he returned to The Netherlands he set up STUDIOVHF, a photo studio close to Zwolle specialising in advertising and commercial photography, product photography as well as interiors and editorial photography.

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