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Is Desa ParkCity Really the Best Place to Live in Kuala Lumpur?

For Perdana ParkCity Sdn Bhd, the master creator of Desa ParkCity and a subsidiary of Samling Strategic Group, making a self-sufficient township is to develop a “lovable” township with the human touch.

Contemporary innovation and engineering could really help build an exceptional looking township with ample amenities, surveillance and spectacular landscapes but how does one ensure a township continues being attractive in the long run?

The human touch is what creates the distinction towards establishing a township that is sustainable.

The developer has placed family, neighbourhood and community amongst their top five priorities in their brand name values followed by connectivity and convenience. Being a master builder, they intend to develop a big, vibrant and safe area based upon an expansive application of the New Urbanist and place-making concepts.

Many are surprised by how a former quarry mine where no plants could bloom is now an award-winning town with two man-made lakes teeming with fishes and water plants that have transformed into well-liked leisure locations for its residents and even non-residents.

Desa ParkCity Residential Approach

While Desa ParkCity is now among the most desired townships in the nation, the management of Perdana ParkCity has an idea it can not rest on its laurels.

Its staff is on-site and carries on to manage problems correction demands although some residential properties have actually passed their defects liability period.

It also takes comments from homeowners and residents seriously and they are taken into account when planning for a development phase to ensure that the brand-new homes will satisfy existing market needs.

For example, some residents prefer lower indoor temperature levels. On the other hand, some residents choose to air-dry their clothes and hang them at their car porches, which impacts the aesthetic appeals of the housing precinct.

Keeping that in mind, the team chose to alter the style of the homes in the following housing precinct by adding a nicely hidden mezzanine area for laundry purposes, making it possible for homeowners to air-dry their clothes. All these minor details made Desa ParkCity the best place to live in KL.

The developer, Perdana ParkCity also believes in encouraging sustainable living. For instance, low emission glass (low-e glass) was utilized as it could decrease energy usage by 60% to 70% in high-rise homes. Residents could decrease the use of air-conditioning which, in the long-run, could enable them to conserve money and lower their carbon footprint on the environment.

Desa ParkCity is smartly based in the west of Kuala Lumpur – where major highways such as

  • LDP
  • MRR2
  • Penchala Link
  • NKVE
  • Duke

A tour around the safeguarded premises shows that business is really good at The Waterfront, and Plaza Arkadia is fast developing into a favourite haunt for folks from all over Klang Valley.

Situated just alongside the border of Petaling Jaya but still well within the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, KL West consists of a couple of upper-middle-class residential areas for instance, Hartamas, Mont Kiara and Damansara. Desa ParkCity was designed to honor and react to the land’s natural ecology, to make a safe neighborhood that communicates with the environment.

With a holistic plan, the company has actually demonstrated its capabilities in generating value for its home clients as real estate pricings in Desa ParkCity have actually climbed even during a sluggish real estate market. For example, Westside III, The BreezeWay, OCP, Adiva, The Mansions and Nadia are some of the most popular neighbourhoods in Desa ParkCity.

Desa ParkCity’s residential or commercial property prices have actually enjoyed stable price appreciation throughout the years with a typical home cost appreciation of around 25% per annum.

Amenities within the area feature a 300-bed ParkCity Medical Centre, The International School @ ParkCity and business spots – The Waterfront and Plaza Arkadia.

The ParkCity Club is a RM60-million private getaway for the residents of Desa ParkCity is also named The ParkCity Club. Developed to lull you into a great sense of comfort with its innovative and tropical architecture, it is the best place to take a break from the stresses of the day.

To design a liveable town which is safe, environment-friendly and sociable, the township has an integrated network of roads with access to numerous amenities for its locals.

All these details provide value to the properties and support the price growth of Desa ParkCity real estates such as The Mansions. The need is also reflected in the secondary market value efficiency.