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Making use of the square metres in the air

Many companies actually have enough space but do not make optimal use of it. Maybe you recognise it yourself, you lack space on the floor but have a super high ceiling. The space in the sky is not usable but it is yours. What’s more, you are actually paying for it! In this blog article we will tell you about a solution that ensures that these lost square metres can be put to good use. This way you get the most out of your space and your investment. 

A mezzanine floor 

We are talking about the installation of a mezzanine floor. The self-supporting steel structure is custom-designed for your company, produced and possibly installed by the specialists of Nolte Mezzanine. The floor creates an extra storey between the floor and the ceiling. This allows you to make optimal use of the space that you actually have, but which you have not used to date. In a relatively short time, you have a sustainable and inexpensive solution for your space problem. The usable square metres are literally doubled compared with before the mezzanine floor. You can read more about the possibilities at  

Using your extra space

No idea yet what you would do with the extra space? Of course you can make use of the extra space by storing more products and stuff in it. With the right storage solutions you can store a lot more stock. Do you have an office downstairs and would like to use that space for extra storage because it is easier for loading and unloading? Then you can turn the extra floor into an office. This way you can keep a good overview of all processes downstairs and you have a nice floating office. The mezzanine floor is designed and produced in such a way that it could also be dismantled. If you are looking for a temporary solution, the mezzanine floor is also an ideal solution.