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The provider of tools such as the barred tee and cunifer pipes

A barred tee is a type of fitting widely used in pipeline engineering. The main function of this barred tee is to allow a pig to pass safely through a pipe branch. Because the tee has barred plates, the pig does not enter a branch pipe. Therefore, you never run the risk of clogging the pipeline. The latter is always a risk during maintenance work in pipeline engineering, which is why a barred tee is eminently important and a handy attachment. It ensures smoother and safer work. is a major supplier of all kinds of pipe fittings and with them you are guaranteed to find the barred tee as well. You will always find the right part for your project. Besides the barred tee they also sell, for example, cunifer materials or the 5d bend.

What is the purpose of cunifer?

Cunifer is an alloy of copper, nickel and iron, making it a durable material that is resistant to corrosion. The latter is a well-known phenomenon in pipelines. Do you have a project you want to build a piping system for? Then a cunifer pipe is highly recommended to have. Fortunately, offers cunifer pipes you need for your project. Generally, cunifer is used when the pipe is in contact with seawater or is located somewhere else offshore. Not only does cunifer repel corrosion, but it also offers anti-fouling properties that prevent microorganisms, such as algae, from sticking to the pipeline. Take a look at the webshop of and see all the possibilities.

Ask for consultancy from this specialist

If you are unsure whether your piping project requires the use of a bar tee or cunifer tubing, consult an expert in the field. The website offers relevant data for all their listed products. Their experts have a wide knowledge and can assist you with your purchase and project.