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Weed, alcohol and the effects they have

Weed and alcohol consumption is an activity that a lot of people take part in. Another activity a lot of people take part off is debating on what’s better or worse for you, weed or alcohol. People debate about this in the same way that they debate about if Apple or Android is better. Apple consumers say that Apple is way better but Android users say the same about Android. The same thing happens in the weed or alcohol debate, weed consumers claim that weed is better and alcohol consumers say the same about alcohol. 


Even though the research on the usage of weed hasn’t been around for long, research has shown that alcohol is more addictive than weed. If this is 100% true is hard to tell because of the little research that’s done on weed but there are other things that are definitely true. For example about the side effects both can have on you. If you’re curious about these side effects, then keep on reading. 


Fun or anxiety? 

Lots of people experience anxiety, panic attacks or other psychological complaints and both weed and alcohol can worsen these. If you’re someone who’s struggling with these complaints it’s critical that you pay attention to yourself if you do decide to use weed or alcohol. Another thing to pay attention to is that you’re getting the right stuff, especially when buying weed. Besides that, you have to choose between weed or hash, even though there is not much of a difference. Both hash and weed are made of the same plant but weed is the dried flower and hash is the compressed resin of the flower. Both can make you feel relaxed and give you an enjoyable feeling but like mentioned before, they can both cause anxiety and panic attacks, especially when you’re already sensitive to these complaints. 

Make sure you buy from trustworthy sellers

Even though both weed and alcohol have negative effects on your mental and physical health, we can imagine that you still want to use or drink from day to day. When you decide to use weed it’s crucial that you get it from a trustworthy seller and you have the good stuff. Growing your own plants might even be a better idea and buying the seeds can easily be done online at Royal Queen Seeds. They have over 25.000 positive reviews so it’s safe to say that they sell the right seeds on their website. Make sure to check Royal Queen Seeds out if you’re interested in growing your own plants!