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Where can I buy cheap clothes online in Italy?

The internet has made the buying and selling of goods and services accessible. A customer can browse through a variety of products and services of their choice on the seller’s website.

If you just travelled to Italy and you’re looking for a cheap online store where you can purchase any clothes of your choice, you should check out the following online stores.


Esselunga is a supermarket line in Italy with many shopping outlets. They claim they are one of the pocket-friendly online marketplaces in Italy. Esselunga asserts that the online shopping platform lets customers purchase nearly everything, from food and food commodities, family items to clothing, all from the comfort of their home. The online shop came into existence in 1957.  Esselunga offers products ranging from raw food to self-made organic goods. There are over 160 Esselunga platforms all through Northern and Central Italy.

Zalando Italy

Zalando Italy is a shopping destination where customers can get fashion brands and foreign clothing in Italy. Zalando Italy was established in 2011  and claims to be a contender to other online e-commerce sites, like Amazon Italy. Zalando Italy proclaims that it gives its customers more power when shopping by letting them a live feed of the shopping adventure from their mobile device. Zalando Italy offers a wide range of clothing and trend items, such as sportswear, motherhood clothing, kids clothing and even underwear. Zalando Italy also offers delivery to other countries in the world.

Amazon Italy

Amazon was founded and open to customers in 2007. Amazon offers a wide range of products, ranging from books to clothes, and music albums. Over time Amazon has become an online shopping mall.

AliExpress Italiano

If you’re looking for a cheap online shopping site where you can shop without a credit card, then you might want to try AliExpress Italiano. They have a wide range of products available, including electronics, cosmetics and beauty products, and so much more for customers. AliExpress is also a marketplace that lets businesses and people sell various products on its platforms, include clothing apparel and accessories, mobile electronic gadgets, sporting equipment,  jewellery like gold and silver and more.


Are you searching for an online shopping site that can provide all your electronic needs? You might want to consider Unieuro. They claim to offer electronics of all kinds. Unieuro was established in 1999. The online store has over 340 online shopping outlets all through Italy and also provides International shopping.

Mediaworld Italy

This shopping app has a diverse selection of products ranging from clothing and footwear to home goods, recreational equipment, and garden thing. Mediaworld claims to be one of Italy’s most popular shopping destinations and proclaims that it also houses some of the biggest brands. Media World was established in 1979 and asserts having over 300 supermarkets spread across Italy and Russia. They also offer online shopping services.


Now you’ve seen these places where you can buy cheap online clothes in Italy, it is up to you to make your choice, as we are in no position to guarantee the quality of their products and services.